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The power of Scodix

A stunning edition to print

Scodix allows custom printing vendors to digitally print multiple metallic colors on a single press sheet, in one pass, without foil stamping or dies. Scodix also allows providers to offer variable density embossing and textures. All of this is digital, and any combination can be produced on the same commercial printing press sheet.
Using ordinary in-house equipment, the commercial printing vendor applies a special lamination to any substrate from paper to PVC to label stock. Then he prints CMYK toners on the laminated stock (or an alternate silver paper) with an HP Indigo digital press.

The Implications for Commercial Printing and Marketing

1. All the work can be done in-house with no outsourcing. This gives custom printing vendors greater control over the production process and costs, while shortening overall job production times.
2. There are no dies or other foil stamping elements to create. This reduces costs and preparation times, while providing a final product that is more resistant to scuffing than traditional metallic foil.
3. Multiple digital effects, from textures to metallic colors to embossing, can be positioned with “pinpoint accuracy.”
4. Unlike traditional foil stamping, multiple metallic colors, embossing, and/or textured effects can all be included on the same press sheet.
5. To be relevant, commercial printing must offer an experience unavailable on a smartphone or tablet. The Scodix process provides a tactile experience unmatched by digital-only media.
6. There are no pollutants, and the process uses less energy than traditional foil stamping and embossing. There’s no need for solvents, chemicals, or plates because Scodix is an entirely digital, polymer-based inkjet process.
7. Scodix digital enhancement is perfect for packaging printers for a number of reasons. Increasingly, packaging manufacturers are opting for shorter runs of multiple versions, and Scodix excels at short runs. In addition, for such applications as cosmetic packaging, being able to integrate metallics, virtual foils, and graduated textures is ideal.
8. The process is infinitely variable. You can change the placement of the metallics and embossing effects from copy to copy, or you can print 1,000 identical copies. This is ideal for variable data commercial printing, since traditional, die-based foil stamping and embossing yield static (or unchanging) metallic or embossing effects throughout the press run.