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Dimensional Wallpaper

The latest addition to our suite of products.







Textured wallpaper is designed to look three-dimensional and utilised to add depth to a room, usually as a feature wall. Traditionally produced to resemble stone, brick or wood, it uses raised elements in its surface so the texture pops out like 3D. While this is an attractive product, perfect for enhancing an area, a wall or even packaging, it does have limitations. Up until now to emboss or create the 3D effect on wallpaper a print cylinder for exactly the embossed pattern had to be produced. The size and format of the embossing was therefore limited by the circumference of the cylinder. The industry standard became half a metre. It was an expensive process so really generic designs were the only affordable, practical solution. Until now.

A revolutionary new technology has allowed the limitless production of fully customisable patterns and designs in wallpaper. Combining the vivid images and striking colurs of wide format printing with the tactile, physical structure of embossed papers, the Dimense printer is a fantastic addition to McGowans already impressive suite of machinery.

Capable of prints up to 1600mm wide and with speeds of up to 20 square metres per hour this really is a revolution in the creation of custom graphics with structure. Best of all Dimense is an environmentally friendly technology based on latex eco-friendly inks and PVC-free structure-forming Ecodeco media. It is also C1 fire rated.

It has the capability to print and control structure simultaneously up to 1mm in depth and as no rotation cylinder needs to be produced for each and every design small batches are possible. New designs and even individual wallpapers for individual clients are easily and quickly produced.

An exclusive, unique wallpaper can be used to create moods, effects and different expressions in hotel rooms, event venues, showrooms, trade shows, shop-in-shops, receptions, foyers, anywhere really. It can also be used on roll-ups, canvas, POS material and even packaging.

While our imagery can give you an impression of how the print looks, it is obviously much more effective and impressive in reality. Feel free to call into us to see and touch some of these wallpapers in our Dublin facility or give us a call to arrange samples.

Just some of the examples installed in our head office.